More information about radiators, gallery
More information about radiators, gallery

UAB “Detalita” offers radiators for cars, buses and trucks.

These are radiators meant for engine coolant and oil, interior heating and cooling, intermediate air-cooling and conditioning system gas condensing.

We have a wide and constantly increasing assortment of radiators at our warehouses; we offer brands such as Nissens, International Radiators and Timmen. We work directly with producers, so we are able to offer you attractive prices, good quality and a warranty period of no less than 12 months, we also respond promptly to any emerging troubles.

Radiator repairs

Radiator repairs are a separate position in the radiator market offer. This is an installation of a new, Nissens produced, cooling element (copper or aluminum “honeycomb”), on an old, punctured or clogged radiator. This is an especially economically efficient operation for freight vehicles, buses, agricultural and construction equipment and other industrial machinery. The above-mentioned vehicles and machinery frequently have large radiators installed, so the price of a new one is significantly higher than purchasing and installing a new cooling block.

We install cooling blocks into radiators of various systems:

  • Copper with copper connections and metal sides;
  • Copper with plastic connections and metal sides;
  • Aluminum with plastic connections and metal sides;
  • Aluminum with aluminum connections for air cooling;
  • Aluminum combined blocks water/oil/air, etc.

In cases when we do not have needed cooling blocks at our warehouse, we order them from the Nissens factory, according to the catalogue. If the catalogue does not have a desired position, we can order the block according to its measurements. Delivery and installation terms depend on the block type and range from 1 to 3 weeks.

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